Subject to change according to venue and complexity, but here are the basics to get you started 
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The Dream Lights create a stunning background for photos, an enchanting way to light the dance floor, or an unforgettable backdrop for the head table. They can be part of your ceremony, incorporated in to a photo booth, put them wherever you want your guests to marvel and gather because they are show stoppers. They are also magical at lighting outdoor events!

1 Event (6 hour) Rental of the Dream Lights includes :

25 Bulbs illuminated with battery powered LED lights 


Set up

Take Down 


$625 for installations that hang from the ceiling/ beams/ rafters up to 14 ft.

(Higher ceilings at additional cost)

$495 for installations that hang from a customizable backdrop frame

*Within the Edmonton and Parkland County area, areas outside of these may have a delivery charge but we do travel


* please contact Dream Light Events for a final quote and questions regarding non standard locations, travel outside of the Edmonton Area, multi day rentals, custom build backdrops, and smaller installations

Extra bulbs available: Per bulb rental $8 large (30 available), $5 small (10 available)

Want it brighter? Optional enhancements to illuminate include:

custom built dimmable vintage style fixture pendant LED lights (below) $14 ea or 25ft

LED fairy lights $10 each


Want it bright for dinner and romantically dimmer later? Add custom built vintage style LED pendant lights with a remote control dimmer! Brass fixtures and copper toned fabric cord combine with a warm light Edison style LED bulb make a fabulously lux vintage addition, and give you full control of the mood.
Fixture + bulb is 8", cord is custom length
$14 ea


Collection of white semi sheer curtains  or an 8 piece custom dip dyed (shown) to choose from or combine together (shown in Dream Light photo above)

8 piece set (pictured) $60

Various white and off white semi sheer curatins  $10 ea


A large part of my art practice is collecting found objects and some of my favourite collections are available to share with you! I have a mild globe obsession...

Large  $30 ea (7 available, various styles)

Small  $20 ea (5 available, various styles)


...and a clock habit, these are the ones I don't have the heart to take apart for sculptures

Large Dome  $15

Small dome and rectangular (top right)  $8

Alarm clocks $5


These beauties are perfect for displays, not pictured yet is a powder blue carry on case just made for cards

Large (pictured)  $25

Small  $15 


Check back because I've got great pieces in the works! Including chandeliers glowing with battery operated fairy lights and spinning light sculptures. Feel free to inquire regarding ideas you do not see here. I am also available for commission projects.
Check out my fine art website
for current projects and more ideas with the button below

All rentals will require a damage deposit. A premium per hour may be charged for take down services required between the hours of 1am - 8am.




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